Welcome to the Iowa Alliance for Cooperative Business Development

Iowa State University has been awarded a grant from USDA Rural Development to organize a cooperative business development center. The Iowa Alliance for Cooperative Business Development combines outreach and research programs that encourage rural economic development.

The Alliance's four primary objectives:

  • Conduct cooperative training workshops to educate directors, officers, and managers about finance, strategic management, and other issues important to cooperatives and mutually-owned businesses.
  • Create educational materials and case examples that startup groups can use to compare the economic and management distinctions between cooperatives and investor-owned structures, permitting them to determine the best business structure for their goals.
  • Continue a pilot a program that sends a student team studying entrepreneurship to work with an Iowa farm supply and grain elevator cooperative to identify potential business opportunities that could lead to a new business or a business expansion.
  • Develop machinery and labor sharing arrangements educational materials for small fruit and vegetable growers to assist them with production system mechanization. This will allow business expansion to better serve local and regional foods markets.